Mobile applications development is extremely challenging for many organizations, due to its integration on multiple platforms and contending technologies.

As the ever-growing trend of smartphones that bring internet and businesses in the hand of the customer. Hence, development of mobile app has become need of time to be visible to the customers. At present time the lack of expertise and inability of development of mobile apps has delivered a monotonous experience that is unreliable to the business requirements. Companies are now craving to have an impeccable digital partner in the development of an excellent solution that needs to be compatible for both present and future platforms.

Desire Web Services offer scalable and extensible services in the field of mobile app development for different platforms and industries. We have always expanded our expertise and capabilities by raising the bar and setting the high standard benchmark for mobile application development to deliver you result oriented and cost-effective services. Our collaborative process based on these three characteristics i.e. anytime access, personalization and contextual use offered by mobile platforms. With solid domain knowledge and unmatched expertise deploy the solution to companies across an industry, which is enabling your brand to give value proposition to your user.

We have countered some challenges most business faces in Mobile Application Development

Challenges Solution we do offer
Sometimes it brings adverse effects on device performance due to limited processor, memory and battery life. It requires the best programming standards with extensive knowledge and ability to work on different mobile platforms. Solution should optimized for enhanced battery performance.
In order to make it available to various mobile platforms costs higher We use cross-platform development technique to reduce the cost of development significantly. At the same time, development houses should deploy applications that support mainstream platform.
Limited screen size Application should be followed certain user interface design for enhanced usages. It should be customized to run on multiple devices and different screen resolution.
Nowadays users need to access all brands and category on mobile phones. The solution in the form of applying embedded software development technique

Our Full Range of Application Development Services

  • Application Development.
  • Enterprise mobility solution.
  • Custom Application Development.
  • Application Maintenance Services.

Our capabilities

Desire Web Services offer an exemplary solution that caters to the need of every business, small or large pertaining to mobile app development. We extract the maximum potential of technology and analysis of domain. Our major capability which delivers high-end product and the tools, technology, and programming languages used to build it are mentioned below.


Android is an open source widely used mobile application offers complete flexibility for both user and developers.

Tool Eclipse
Technology Android SDK, Android Native Development Kit (NDK), Android DT (ADT)
Language Java, C/C++, XML

iOS/ iPhone/ iPad

iPhones are very large numbers of user even in US 70% population used iPhone.

iOS/ iPhone/ iPad
Tool Xcode
Technology iPhone SDK, Cocoa Touch
Language Objective-C

Windows Mobile

Windows mobile operating system is Microsoft brand that provides the similar look and feels as web.

Windows Mobile
Tool MS Visual Studio
Technology NET Compact Framework
Language C++, C#, Visual Basic

Windows Phone 7

Windows phone7 is successor of windows mobile platforms.

Windows Phone 7
Tool MS Visual Studio
Technology NET Compact Framework, Silverlight, XNA
Language C#

Mobile Optimized Web Applications

These are web applications that are optimized to normal phones also.

Mobile Optimized Web Applications
Tool Adobe Dreamweaver, MS Visual Studio, Eclipse, Idea, RubyMind, Adobe Flash
Technology Android SDK, Android Native Development Kit (NDK), Android DT (ADT)
Language HTML5/ CSS, JavaScript, C#, PHP, Ruby

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