Affiliate Marketing

Display advertising and affiliate marketing are today the most used marketing strategy for most of the large and mid-level businesses and enterprises to grow their business rapidly under cost competitive pricing. When you open a website a product advertisement appears before you, and let’s take another case when you tried to search something on search engines and on the next moment the same item appears to you when you open your social media platforms, it happens with us more often. Have you ever thought how it all happened? Moreover what are the sources of or the reason for these advertisements? This all has been possible due to display advertising and affiliate network which advertise the product on their product and services to aware the users.

The Structure of Affiliate and Display Marketing

In the recent years we have seen a significant growth in the market, so the way of promotion and advertising. These trends bring multiple players or third party agencies, worked as a bridge between advertisers and publishers. During the years affiliate marketing overgrown to other internet marketing strategies due to quick response and cost-effective functions.

The entire eco-system of Display and affiliate marketing are based on four core players

  • The Merchant (Retailer and Brand).
  • Network.
  • Publisher ( The affiliates).
  • The customers.

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