If you want to sell your product, acquire some customer and scale up your user base then create a story and share with to your target audience. Our E-Mail campaign builder makes it easier for you to create a robust and scalable email marketing campaign that suit your business requirements.

Email marketing bridge between brands and audience to get them closure for engagement. Email marketing enables you to do many things such as share some news, product information, or tell a story ETC.

If you need to communicate something about your brands to your existing or new customer such as promotional offers, new arrivals, new letters or something, email marketing is the most personal and cost-effective way to do so. In fact, some study reveals that it is one of the media of communications which ensures the highest ROI. Every 1 USD spends on email marketing gives the value of 38 USD in return and US and 44 pounds against 1 pound invested in Europe

People are receiving more and more commercial emails every day that lead to full inboxes and ended up with deletion without even opening it. It is a massive challenge for every company to stand out from full inboxes and to reach up in spam folders. We at Desire Web Services have a complete solution which gives you a better open rate and quality and quantity leads.

Some challenges which more often faced by marketers and our solution

Challenges Our Solution
Earning new subscribers The best way to get rid of that is always to tell the benefits of it to the customer instead of being product-centric. Saying the value proposition, you are giving to them through your brand is the best way to get the hit button.
Increase open rates This is one of the most significant challenges faced by every marketer to overcome this, we suggest writing an eye-catching subject line that has to be pertinent to your customer.
Deliverability To ensure mail should be delivered in the right inbox we recommend not to use spammy words in the contents and subject line.
Retention of current subscriber base In order to retain them our practices must include to keep updating them by sharing insightful information and pain point of buyer personas.
Increase click-through rate We recommend to run a re-engagement campaign every half year asking the user if not interested then use an opt-out button to stop receiving emails. That helps to generate an emotional attachment between you and your brands.
Measurable ROI We do in-depth analysis on customer lifecycle, from getting email open to being a paying customer.

How E-mail marketing can help your business to grow

  • Minimize the marketing budget by manifold.
  • Increase the brand recognition through its unique personal feature.
  • Connect very precisely with your target market.
  • Increase your credibility due it connect with user very customizable.
  • Educate and make your clients aware by sending them weekly or monthly newsletter.
  • Attract new opportunities.
  • Expand your network.
  • Reach a wider audiences.

Our innovative process

The email marketing market is so vast that no other medium can turn around, over 250 billion sent every day and over 50% of them are commercial emails which enclose business and promotional emails. How evolved email marketing becomes in recent years due to its personalized attribute and custom information sharing nature. The significant advantage of email marketing is that the people is still using it as per statistics 90% of adults and 74% of teenagers check and respond to emails regularly.

Our agile and accurate process gives you worth of each email which is sent by you.

  • Before starting the campaign, we sit together and know your business goal and what you supposed to achieve by the campaign..
  • According to your objective, we set the kind of emails which are sent to the user such as promotional emails, relational emails and transactional emails.
  • The most important thing is, the email which is all set to launch, is whom to launch? Determine your audience another big part before initiating the campaign.
  • Technology plays a vital role such as we use a different technique that fully automates your campaign such as schedule the shoot of emails, respond quickly to your customers ETC.
  • We plan emails and their follow-ups by considering such functions email frequency, types of emails, and the main actions you allow users to take.
  • The Subject line is the most important of email campaign a good subject line can make or break the communication. So we use precise and pertinent tactics to use the subject line.
  • Then body content, well written and structured body content can make a customer for you. We don’t use spammy words and penalized characters not to let go into spam folders.
  • Our primary focus on the design of emails which is ready to send, if your design is terrible, it can make people stop reading it.
  • After initiating the campaign we lastly track and monitor the impact of the campaign by analyzing the open rate, click through rate, subscribers base ETC.

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