Our application maintenance services are tailored around your existing IT solution and deliver best out of it, and our cost-effective solution help in reducing the cost of maintenance.

Our application maintenance services offerings are designed to meet the core business process of organizations that maintain and manage the IT applications which are existing and performing. As changes and innovations are inevitable, so we have always to keep our technology ready for adopting and accepting the new arrival and developments. This is the most candid and straightforward way for us to tackle your application maintenance services by providing technical know-how that will help you to reduce the cost and increase ROI. Out team enables to perform various tasks such as maintaining, troubleshooting, analyzing and accessing your application for enhanced efficiency and performance.

Maintenance of mobile application is an integral and essential part in order to counter the bugs’ threat especially when numbers of mobile apps are rising significantly. In the modern time, many companies have made a significant investment in the development of mobile apps, it’s all are useless if we are not maintaining and managing it properly.

Our Mobile App maintenance services comprise.

Our proven track record and calibrated process allow us to efficiently maintaining their property.

  • UI/UX Enhancement.
  • Bug Tracking, Debugging and Fixing.
  • Converting cross-platform app to native app.
  • Performance fine tuning.
  • Optimizing server performance.
  • Data migration services..

Our Application maintenance services help business in

After the creation and launching of mobile app in the app store the work in yet to over. Maintenance is a broad term and the importance of it to make it feasible for everyone. Every company is striving these days to give fascinating UI/UX to their visitors every time they visit. As per a statistics, nearly 52% of mobile applications are removed by the user within three month of installation due to poor UI/UX.

  • Getting the latest version of an operating system.
  • The improvement of software libraries
  • Offer and updated User Interface.
  • Offer a better user experience.
  • Incorporating the technical enhancement.
  • Allow regular app monitoring.

Application maintenance process

Application maintenance services let the companies outsource their in-house functions to our team gradually. The nature and process according to the scope of the project can vary from industry to industry and companies to companies. However, in most of the case, our multi-phase process has given positive results and proved as most effective.

Our maintenance team has the optimum and expertise that ensure all the phase should be that much of flexibility to bring changes if needed.

  • Integration with the back-end system.
  • User authentication and authorization.
  • Data services.
  • Reusable business logic.


  • Assigning the team of expert based upon nature of work such as platform operating system, software environment, business environment and database ETC.
  • Getting an in-depth knowledge of the business, their strategy, and technical skills of employees and complete knowledge of application implementation.
  • Getting to know the complex technical and business issue involved in the process.


  • Identifying the area of work and outsourced maintenance team.
  • Providing the required training and assistant squad within, to make them capable enough to handle the project.
  • Creating the entire roadmap of streamlining the project and their outcome.


  • Offer steady support.
  • Up-dation of application if needed
  • Accountable and responsible for the entire maintenance process.

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