Search Engine Marketing

Search Engine Marketing is the marketing practices where businesses use paid campaign and promotion to rank higher. It is the process which has to follow certain aspects and guidelines of search engines, in SEM advertisers bid for keywords according to the search counts and volumes. Once keyword bid is done, Google and Bing enter those keywords for certain products and services that allow the advertiser to appear their ads for those search queries and that is paid when the user clicks on it.

SEM/PPC can help in your business.

There are multiple reasons that PPC/SEM can help your business to grow and evolve, due to its flexible nature now PPC has emerged as one of the most popular digital advertising platforms. It has some characteristics which make it so efficient and effective, so the business and promoters recommend it as a most proven way to promote their business digitally successfully.

SEM/PPC is the most straightforward and significant way to place your advertisement with no hidden agenda. You have to pay your publishers, it might be search engines and affiliates when your ad gets clicked according to the price set at bidding time.

Budget and financial plans from any promotional campaigns are vital for any organizations. In SEM/PPC you would have complete control over your marketing spends. In this, you can set monthly, weekly and daily budget according to your allowances and you can ensure too that should not exceed to that set limit.

PPC/SEM gives you the flexibility to target your audience according to the relevance of your product and services. This enables you to make your add visible only to the relevant customer at the right time so you can have more quality and real leads.

The popularity of SEM/PPC lies on it features that makes it the fastest platform to run an ad campaign to get instant traffic. Your advertiser has the power to make your product visible to your target audience with an hour of campaign setting and start generating significant conversion within the week.

Organic search results are the most reliable sources to achieving long-term marketing goals but sometime due to it takes some longer time, so preferring PPC to get quick results. In a nutshell, it gives you a substantial amount of traffic in a predictable amount of money in less time.

The last goal of any marketing campaign is to get the highest possible return on the investments. Due to its ability to make your ad visible only to your most relevant target audience and geography and you pay only when the user clicked on your ads, so it is easy to manage your cost and spends to calculate your ROI.

Geo-targeting and ad scheduling one of the powerful features that enable you to target the geography at the macro level where your services are feasible and your customers stay. Through ad scheduling, you can schedule your ad on specific time zone, 24*7 does not make sense when most of the customer don’t be active in sleeping or working hours.

Our agile process to draw your success plan.

  • We define a robust marketing strategy for your SEM/PPC plan.
  • Keyword research for your campaign.
  • Optimization of content and write-ups for your website.
  • Optimization of the landing page.
  • Manage paid search advertise to optimize your SEM practice.
  • Measure the success of your advertisement campaign.

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