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Social media are evolving itself very rapidly every minute in terms of gaining consumer base, providing sponsored advertisements, and analyzing consumer behavior. It is essential and compulsory for brands to take leverage of these channels for marketing and promotional purposes. One of the beauties of digital platforms is, it gives you real-time result unlike traditional platforms such as TV, News Paper, Hoarding & Banner or something.

How Important SMO is?

By looking at the acceptance of social media it oblivious to its new big things for media and promotion industry. Because of its strong reach and quick response nature it has been overtaken many promotional platforms especially traditional one. According to a statistics published by hub spot, 92% of marketers admit that the social media marketing was important for their business while 80% indicate the efforts increase traffic to their website. 97% of marketers are participating in social media marketing activities while 85% not aware which strategy better for their business domain.

This makes social media an interactive and exciting platform for marketing and promotional purposes.

How SMO/SMM can transform your business.

Every opportunities and visibility you want to grab from social media is important. Your social media act as a new channel for your brand’s voice and contents. Frequent strike on social media makes your brand more accessible for the new customer and makes you more familiar for the new customer that increase brand recognition.

According to statistics brand who engage the user on social media platforms are more likely to earn more consumer loyalty. Our strategic and open social media plan can play a substantial role in influence and engage the user to convert them into a loyal user.

When you share any engaging post, it brings opportunity to convert them for your brands. Every blog post, video, text ad or comments you made have the potentiality to react by someone and reactions can be in the form of the comment, like, share, mentions, retweet, ETC that potentially bring site visitors and conversions.

Social Media has a higher conversion rate due to one its very unique and distinct feature i.e. humanization elements. The brands act like people, so it’s is important, people love doing business with people.

When your brands are frequently interacting with your customer on social media that bring a positive impression for your brands. The more people talk about your brand on social media the more likely to increase the authority.

Your inbound traffic will be confined only to the person who knows you and brought something from you and only those individuals are searching for your brand if you have taken proper SEO. However SMM/SMO takes your brands to the customer or potential user who’s even didn’t hear your brand name.

it reduces the marketing cost drastically, as per surveys if you are able to spend six hrs per week that is enough to fulfill the requirements of social media engagement and six hours is not a significant investment for channel or platform like social media.

Statistics at a glance

  • 95% of millennials, aged between 18-34 most likely to follow your brands (Market Sherpa).
  • 71% of users who have good experience on social media of your brand more likely to recommend to others (Ambassador).
  • 2.56 billion social media user 34% of the world’s population (we are Social).
  • 96% people those discussed brands online don’t follow those brands (Brandwatch).
  • Visual contents are 40 times more likely to share on social media (Hubspot).
  • Facebook influence 52% customer to purchase (The Drum).
  • 50 million small business who use Facebook to promote and 10% of them have taken paid advertisements (Facebook).
  • Over 4.4 billion videos uploaded on Facebook that generates over 199 billion views. (ReelSEO).
  • 78% people complained on twitter expecting response within an hour (Hub spot).
  • There are total of 1.3 Billion accounts and 336 million active users on Twitter (Business Insider).
  • Finance services, business services and FMCG is the lowest category of brands represented on Instagram while media brands are most active. (Simply Measured).
  • 90% of Instagram users are smaller than 35 years of age (Science Daily).
  • 60% top contents in terms of engagement are from top 200 global companies (hootsuite).

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