Digital Marketing, we collectively put all the marketing efforts and strategies to grow the business through the use of the internet. Every small business owners or larger enterprises taking vast leverages of digital platforms such as Search Engines, Social Media, E-Mails, and other affiliate websites to connect with their prospective customer.

Today how the internet is accessible to the user is impressive, the number of people who go online still increasing every day. The internet usages among millennial increased by phenomenal rate according to statistics and it will continue to grow at the same rate. The way people are spending time on the internet and social media changed a lot that makes offline media no more effective as it is used to be. At Desire Web Services we use different digital channels and tactics to connect with your prospective buyer where they are spending much time. Our processes are based on the identifying the campaign support their prospective customer acquisition goal and through free and paid digital channels.

Our customer-centered strategy drive lead generation and brand awareness on various digital channels both free and paid as well. We usually focus on Key Performance Indicator (KPI) on each channel to effectively measure the performance of each channel. We carried out various promotional solutions today for small business and large enterprises depending on the requirements.

Digital Marketing serves all business verticals.

The beauty of digital marketing is that it serves the need of all business verticals across industry regardless of your business volume. Digital marketing still involves building buyer personas to know the audiences’s preferences and habits and create valuable online content.

  • B2B Digital Marketing: If your company is on B2B, then your digital marketing strategy will be centered on the online lead generation that will end up contacting the sales staff. For that, your marketing strategy will be to generate the quality lead for your sales staff through the website or supporting digital channels.
  • B2C Digital Marketing: If your company is on B2C, then your digital marketing strategy will be centered on getting more customer on your website and end up them with buying without interfering with sales staff. For that, you will be focusing on building a buyer journey which starts with someone visits on your website and leaves with purchase. To extract the best result, we put product feature and on the top of the marketing funnel and introduce stronger CTAs.

Our Digital Marketing services include

  • Boost up organic traffic is the primary goal we set for your website via targeting the peoples who search the product and services similar to yours on search engines.
  • We act as a mediator between brands and service the companies launch and creation of promotional content for each digital channel.
  • Our experts have a proven track record in the handling of Social Media Channels that will help to make a distinct brand by increasing of followers, likes, shares and subscriptions.
  • Our marketing automation solutions help in choosing and managing the whole marketing team through the process of automation to understand the consumer preferences and measure the company’s growth.

Full Range of Digital Marketing Services

  • Search Engine Optimization: This is the process of obtaining more new customer by optimizing the search engines. In the process, we basically use some agile techniques that help search engines to know you better and give you a higher rank in their search results.
  • Search Engine Marketing or PPC: This is the process we amplify to get organic traffic via paid efforts, in this channel the publishes get money whenever your ad clicked. Some most used publisher is Facebook Sponsored Ad, Google Ad words.
  • Content Marketing: This strategy is centered around creating and promoting content on different digital channels. We use content marketing for various purposes like Brand Awareness, Traffic growth, Lead Generation and Customer Acquisition.
  • Social Media Marketing: Nowadays social media has own power and most loved channels for most businesses and enterprises. We promote your business on social media channels to generate the lead, acquire customers and drive traffic.
  • Affiliate Marketing: This model helps you to place your brand on some one’s other likeminded website to pull traffic from their website. This now became a favorite tool and you need to pay to publisher against each click.
  • E-Mail Marketing: Companies and enterprises used e-mail marketing as a communication tool thus it is also one of the most widely used platforms to promote website, information about any offers and else.

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